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Higher Study in Germany

Studying Abroad in Germany is a deal not only for European people it’s for students from all over the world. A high-quality educational system German maintains you can learn a new language and get a new experience from this interesting country. If you complete your whole studies in Germany or just a term abroad; we will provide you the necessary information. Europe is the Centre of culture, education, football and beauty etc. Germany is the Centre of Europe and dominant position in various way like leadership in European commission, highest and sustain economy in EU, German education, humanity and almost in all aspects Germany is the best.

Germany has very rich educational system and they have different kind of universities for example:

  • German University which has student population range is 10,000-60,000 and most of the cases research oriented,
  • Hochschule- the English name is Applied sciences universities and student population range is 3,000 to 50,000 and studying only in engineering,
  • Fachhochschule which is very small applied sciences universities and these universities contains specific subject like engineering, Business, management but subject range is very few. All together Germany has more than one thousand universities and all are funded by government. For so many reasons Germany is the lucrative destination of Education for international students. Some selected and important points are follows:

Tuition fees: German universities has no tuition fees. Only one country in the world, Germany which provide high quality education totally free of cost.

Language: Wide range of subject in Masters Level which is studying in Germany Fully English, German is not required. Most of the student thought German university must need German language, it is not true. But in Bachelor level most of the Subject need English with German proficiency.

Semester Ticket: Each and every university student can buy semester ticket which is very low cost and can go anywhere within certain region and its validity is six months.

Bank Solvency: For student’s safety and surviving in Germany, One student need to block €8640 in his personal account in German Bank. In equivalent in BDT 7,77,600/- (Conversion rate was €1=BDT 90 The values are standardized by the International Money Exchange Values) which is very affordable and manageable for Bangladeshi students.

Work facilities: According to the German law any student can work 120 full days or 240 half days per year within his study period and 1 day= 8 hours, 1 hour=8.51 euro minimum salary. So for BD student it is very easy to manage living cost through student job or mini job.

After Study: If any student finished his study successfully then get 18 months extra time for job searching, it is called job searching period. Germany has lowest unemployment rate in the world so it should be easy to get good job then rest of the world. Besides of all above facilities Germany has lots of merits like safe society specially for women, can travel anywhere in Europe without visa without asking any question in any point in whole Europe and lots of hidden conveniences which makes life so comfortable and dreams comes true in different way.

Entry Requirements:

Bachelor Program: Every student at least 14 years study has to be completed (HSC+ One year completion certificate from any Bangladeshi University). Diploma in Engineering (BTEB) also apply bachelor program. Study gap maximum 2 years is accepted and Madrasa Education is allowed. HSC result not be below GPA 4.00/5.00.

Masters Program: Every student at least bachelor Pass (Hons. BSc, BBA, BA). Bachelor result not be below CGPA 2.75.

Required Documents for Germany:

• MRP Passport (Validity Minimum 1 year)
• Recent photo 8 copy lab print mat paper white background (European size)
• CV full information
• Study subject related 1 motivation letter
• 2 recommendation letter from college, institute, university pad
• IELTS paper or German language certificate
• Experience certificate if applicable
• All documents are attached from German embassy 5 set photocopy • It’s free of cost by German embassy.

Financial Requirement

Student must open a bank account from Germany on his/her own name
8800 Euro for Accommodation purpose, this fund student must transfer German bank account when he/she gets admission from Germany.
Source of fund (1st Blood)
This transfer amount will be withdrawal every month (12*720) for accommodation purpose only.

Language Proficiency:

For English medium Study: IELTS Score 6.0 minimum
For German language Study: B2 (German language)

Required Documents for Germany:

  • Recent Passport size photo (white background)
  • Attestation of all academic certificate & transcript (2 set photocopy) by Education Board.
  • Attestation of all educational documents by Education Ministry & Foreign Ministry
  • Health Insurance (1 year)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • IELTS Certificate (6.0 min )
  • Medium of Instruction Certificate (for Masters)
  • Two Recommendation Letter (for Masters)
  • Personal letter of motivation stating your career objectives (for Masters)
  • Research paper in English language (for PhD)
  • List of publications (for PhD)


Why Germany is the perfect place for study

Germany is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students. It has the third highest international student population after US and UK. Germany’s higher education system is regarded as one of the best in the world. Many German universities are ranked in the top 100 best universities in the world.

What is it that makes Germany so special? What does it offer students that the other countries of the world cannot? Following are the highlights of the benefits of studying in Germany.

20 Hours work Per Week. 18 Months Post Study Work Visa. Strong Economy, Good Job Prospects. Top Ranked Public University. Taught In English. Free German Course. Affordable Fee. Paid Internships. Career Focused Corporate Partnerships.

Reasons to Study

German Universities in World Ranking

Germany has some of the best universities in the world. LMU Munich =34 th World University Rankings 2018. Around 17 other German universities make it to the Top 250 in the world and 40+ universities have found a place in the Top 650. The universities in Germany provide world class education with the best infrastructure and research and innovation opportunities. Most of the universities have been part of cutting edge research and have developed new things like self-repairing cement, materials that can turn invisible, etc.

The higher education offered in Germany is one of the best in the world. The universities function under the guidelines of the Bologna reform, which ensures that all the students get a unified and an internationally recognized degree. The employers around the world respect a German degree. Germany is known for the automobile and engineering sector. The engineers with a degree from Germany have lucrative career opportunities and can look forward to a very bright future anywhere in the world.

Dual Education System

Dual education is a very special feature of studying in Germany. It combines the best features of practical and theoretical education in one single course. The students who have opted for dual education are trained in a company for three to five days a week according to the specified standards. The practical training is combined with practical lessons at workshops and theory. The best advantage of the dual education system is that a student gets practical knowledge about the actual working of a company. At the end of their course students have a degree as well as an experience certificate.

Almost every field of study is offered in Germany

Germany offers more than 17500 courses of study! They are spread across various bachelors, masters, doctoral and post-doctoral programmes. The huge variety of courses is reason enough for you to select Germany for your studies. Germany is the land of ideas. It is proven by the fact that Germany leads the world in innovation. It has the second highest number of Nobel laureates in the world after USA. This speaks volumes about their educational system and the focus on research and innovation.

Economic Power

Germany is the largest economic power of Europe and the third largest in the world. This makes it a place to be for young learners and researchers. It is the founding member of the European Union and the Euro zone. Being an economic power, Germany has the most important market in Europe. It is also the largest automobile exporter in the world. Various luxury car brands like Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, AUDI, etc. have their headquarters in Germany. If you aspire to work with the best automobile companies in the world, Germany is the place to be.

No Tuition Fees

Yes, it’s true. German universities charge no tuition fees to their students, even international students! Higher education in Germany is funded by the states, hence, no tuition fees for students. There are more than 427 institutions of higher education in Germany. Out of these only 5% of the total student body is hosted at the private universities, rest all are public. In October 2014, the last state, Bavaria, also implemented the no tuition fee act.

Scholarship Programs

The German Academic Exchange Service also known as Deutscher Akadamischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD), is the largest funding organization in the world. DAAD provides hundreds of scholarships to students all over the world to study in Germany and to Germans who wish to study abroad. Erasmus Mundus is the largest scholarship provider for students aspiring to study anywhere in Europe. Many partial and fully funded scholarship programs are available for students who wish to go to Germany. The universities in Germany also provide many scholarships to its students.

Excellent 406 Opportunities

Germany offers excellent job opportunities in almost every field of study. Germany’s dual education system makes it easy for you to find a job. During the course work you get to do different internships, which in turn help you land a lucrative job in Germany in future. Internships help you get your first experience of professional life while doing various projects which are guided and supervised by experts of the field. An added benefit is that these days most of the companies in Germany have international relations, so the language of communication is English. You can work in Germany without being fluent in German. You may work 120 full days or 240 half days per year. If you take a job as a student assistant or research assistant at the university, it’s usually no problem to exceed the 120-day limit. However, you are obliged to inform the Alien Registration Office if you do. The employment laws pertaining to international students are very stringent. If you violate them, you could be expelled from the country!

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